Inteli-Care Services

our values

  • Member Focused
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Standard of Excellence

Member Focus

Inteli-Care's vision is 100% member driven and focused. This means servicing our members is our number one priority. Inteli-Care focuses on providing its members with the highest level of care.


The vision and goal is to be able to accomplish a member focused company through a team oriented system. The company vision is to create an effective and efficient teamwork environment by constantly informing and updating the employees and members regularly. The Inteli-Care team works diligently to collaborate with all physicians, nursing staff, care coordinators, gerontologists, case managers, therapist, field coordinators, social workers, counselors, family members and administrative personnel to assure our members are being well cared for in the comfort of their home or residence.


Inteli-Care is committed to being on the fore front of technology when it comes to caring for our members and their wellbeing. This includes setting the standards, being a leader in the homecare community and constantly staying on the cutting edge of personal care services, training and knowledge within the home healthcare industry. The Inteli-Care team values the importance of innovation and is constantly working towards keeping current with advancements in medicine, science, technology and the laws governing home health.


Inteli-Care believes in having integrity which means always doing the right thing. Our employees are expected to live up to high ethical standards and to make the extra effort to ensure our members are receiving the highest level of care. Our quality assurance program is state of the art and all caregivers and personal care attendants are evaluated regularly to assure they are meeting our standard of excellence.

Standard of Excellence

Inteli-Care's Standard of Excellence is following the company values; Commitment, Reliability, Trust, Hard Work, Honesty, Respect and Encouragement for all employees and members being serviced.